SSFAC/Jordan is a professional relief operation  for refugees and the poor. SSFAC/Jordan, consisting of 20 staff, provides basic needs such as:

  • Mattresses, pillows & blankets
  • Clothing
  • Monthly Food
  • Cooking and Heating appliances and fuel

SSFAC/Jordan is humanitarian, non-political, non-denominational and assists  beyond any racial, religious or political background without any conditions or expectations.

Even as a country that has limited resources, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has absorbed hundreds of thousands of refugees from a number of neighboring countries. Jordan has modeled true hospitality and SSFAC wishes to join their heroic effort.

One of the greatest heartaches of being an immigrant or refugee is the feeling of helplessness when hearing difficult news coming from one’s native country. Though their heart bleeds for their loved ones, there is little that can be done. Many of our dear clients from Syria, Egypt and elsewhere lose hours of sleep and are enthralled with media keeping up with current conflicts.

Through SSFAC/Jordan both the Arab & Non-Arab community of Greater Toledo collect gently used clothing items to be distributed to the needy, beyond political or religious background. SSFAC/Jordan empowers the Arab community to bless others and to do a positive work in the midst of their worry and heartache. SSFAC/Jordan also gives the Non-Arab community a chance to communicate compassion and love to their Arab neighbors.

SSFAC is proud to partner with Toledo’s Westfield Mall for the SSFAC/Jordan Clothing Drive for Syrian Refugees in Jordan . Thousands of pounds of donated  gently-used clothing were given to hundreds of  suffering families.