SSFAC has developed seven specialized departments that serve the unique needs of the Arab immigrant community. Below is a description about each of these departments:

SSFAC Child and Family Welfare Services

Family Welfare Services Department serves families who are struggling with providing for their basic needs. Family Welfare Services apply when clients qualify for government aid & benefits. SSFAC’s advocates in ensuring needs are met by providing translation/interpretation through the governmental system as well as transportation to appointments.

SSFAC Translation /Interpretation Services

SSFAC provides document translation and verbal interpretation for Arab Immigrant & Refugee individuals and families. Our document translation is free & we provide transportation to necessary appointments for free verbal interpretation as well.

SSFAC Employment & Training Services

The SSFAC Employment & Training Services Department helps clients navigate through the employment seeking process. We assist clients with resume building and recruit local business owners to accept employment interviews. In addition, we connect clients to educational opportunities to gain skills to become more marketable.

SSFAC Health Services

SSFAC helps clients gain access to health care by collaborating with willing medical doctors and agencies in order to serve families in our community. SSFAC also provides clients with prescription discounts through our FreeRx program. SSFAC collaborates with Lucas County CareNet in providing free medical care for Arab Immigrant & Refugee families who do not qualify for Medicare/Medicaid, but are living below the poverty level.

SSFAC Emergency Resource Services

Many times immigrant families do not qualify for governmental aid. Often governmental aid also does not last for the entire month or include other basic needs. In these cases SSFAC collaborates with local agencies, churches and organizations that provide assistance to the community to give our clients access to those services

SSFAC help filling USCIS forms 

With the help of our volunteer, Mrs. Pat Vance, who has over 50 years of immigration law experience, clients are able to receive assistance with their immigration documentation needs. 

SSFAC Educational Services

SSFAC has two educational program: Financial Literacy Educational Program (FLEP) & Family Education Plan Program (FEP). Please click on SSFAC tab then on Educational programs to know more about these two programs.