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On February 2016, in collaboration with Fifth Third Bank, SSFAC started a new program called; Financial Literacy Educational Program (FLEP). The goal of the SSFAC's financial literacy educational program is to strengthen Arab immigrants and/or refugees’ financial knowledge and skills by teaching basic financial skills. SSFAC will also encourage participants to obtain a positive, goal-oriented attitude to achieve financial independence. SSFAC will keep this program as one of its ongoing programs because of the importance and the effectiveness of this valuable program.  

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In January 2017, SSFAC launched a new educational program called Family Education Plan (FEP).

This educational program is so unique and one of its kind in the Greater Toledo Area. This goal of this program is to educate the whole family, which is accomplished through having two components: The Adult English Communication (AEC) & The Student Homework Help (SHH). SSFAC are managing the AEC component where S.O.S Student Organize for Syrian Refugee-UT Chapter are managing the SHH component and the babysitting for the younger siblings of the students joining the SHH and the children of the Adults attending the AEC. 

Please click on the link below to learn more about this program and to give a donation that would go directly to help in the expenses of this worthy program. 


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